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Step into the suspenseful world of Maria Antonia Stavrou

Maria Antonia Stavrou is a versatile Creative Director with a career in entertainment, neurodivergence coaching, and business consultancy. She excels as a Creative Director at Dominium Vita and a Specialist Practitioner for Neurodivergence at The Joyful Coach. Maria works as a Creative Director for many brands who have excelled in creating strong work ethics under her management. Her journey from global performances to coaching and volunteer work at a psychiatric hospital showcases her diverse talents and compassionate approach.

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Hailing from the vibrant streets of Bristol, UK, ​Maria Antonia Stavrou is a renowned director ​known for her captivating circus style. Delving deep ​into the human psyche and pushing storytelling ​boundaries, Maria is the creative force behind ​some of the most dramatic performances in the ​field. With a talent for blending reality and illusion, ​Maria Stavrou's shows offer an exhilarating ride of ​suspense, immersing audiences in a thrilling ​exploration of the mind. Leading Sensation ​Entertainment, her company has been instrumental ​in bringing forth many of her groundbreaking ​projects.

My approach

I have always been captivated by the intricacies of suspense and the power of mystery in storytelling. My approach to crafting compelling and unforgettable shows is rooted in my passion for creating intense, thought-provoking, and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on the audience. I look forward to continuing to craft gripping stories that challenge, entertain, and push the boundaries of events.


Maria Stavrou’s educational and work journey has equipped her with a deep understanding of the nuances of event management and concept creation, from crafting suspenseful narratives to creating immersive cinematic atmospheres. Her commitment to mastering the art of mystery and suspense is evident in her work and academic accomplishments.

BA(Hons) in Contemporary Circus

Circomedia, Bristol

Concentration: Circus disciplines (aerial, juggling, acrobatics and ​balance) alongside classes in physical theatre, movement and devising

Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

Online Coursera

Specialisation: Project Management, Change Management, Strategic Thinking Organizational Culture Risk Management, Quality Management, Project Execution

Association of Stage Pyrotechnics

JustFX, London

Specialisation Training: Flame Proofing and Fire implications, Maroons, Flash Reports & Concussions and Noise

implications, Flashpots, Jets, Gerbs, Robotics, Comets, Mines, Wiring Conventions (Series/Parallel) and Electrical Testing, Risk Assessments and Record Keeping, Law, HSE, Storage and Transport Guidance

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Level 3

Association of Psychological Studies

Studied CBT course which enhances understanding of cognitive-behavioral therapy through a comprehensive 5-factor approach, integrating emotions, behavior, cognitions, biological factors, and social-environmental aspects for a holistic treatment perspective.


2015 - 2019

Festival of the Dead Tour

Theme: Day of the Dead

Role: Creative Director & Head of Entertainment

Performers booked: 12 - 22

Tour Dates per annum: 8 - 15

Multi City Tour

Skills: Ranging from puppeteers, stilt walkers, ​Aerialists, Cyr Wheel artists, Pyrotechnic shows, ​Acting

Additional skills required: Choreography and script ​writing

Technical Support: Stage Manager, Lig​hting

2015 - 2019

The Big Ice Breaker Freshers

Theme: Winter, Weird and Wonderful, Unexpected, ​Immersive

Role: Creative Director & Head of Entertainment

Performers booked: 8 - 12 per city

Tour Dates per annum: 35 locations ave.

Multi City Tour

Skills: Stilt walkers, Dancers, LED, Fire and Grind ​Artists, Immersive Actors, Mascots

2015 - 2024

Foreverland Tour

Theme: Festival, Psychedelic, Immersive

Role: Creative Director & Head of Entertainment

Performers booked: 12 - 18 per city

Tour Dates per annum: 20 - 35

Multi City Tour

Skills: Stilt walkers, Dancers, LED, Fire and Grind ​Artists, Immersive Actors



Twisted Alice In Wonderland

Corporate event brief: Alice in Wonderland

Team booked: Abrobats, Contortionist, Sword ​Swallower, Opera singer, Trapeze Artist, Hand ​Balance, Aerialist, Stilt Walkers, Compare, MUA’s

Special Props brought: Aerial Giant Key for ​performer to hang from

Technical Support: Aerial Rigger, ​Stage Manager


Moulin Rouge Theme

Corporate Event Brief: Moulin Rouge

Team booked: Aerialist, Singer, Cabaret Dance ​Troupe, Magician, Host/Singer, Choreography ​from the film, Songs all from the film

Specialist Props Brought: Giant LED Aerial love ​heart frame

Technical Support: Aerial Rigger, Stage Manager, T​eam manager


The Rio Carnival

Corporate event brief: Rio Carnival

Team booked: Stunt/Trick footballer, Rio Dancers, ​Stilt walkers, Aerialist who hangs by the teeth, ​Contortionist

Speciality Props brought: Giant UV Feather fans ​for aerialist

Technical Support: Aerial Rigger, Stage Manager

One Time Events


Miss Moneypennys - At The Proms

Event Brief: LGBTQ+ excessive

Team booked: Singer, Cabaret Dance Troupe, ​Drag Queen, Circus Performers

Total Performers: 62

A 60-piece orchestra fully live (no backing tracks) ​from the Symphony hall accompanied by singers ​Sonique, Lisa Millett, Rita Campbell & Amrick ​Channa. Live Performances across a 2 hours ​orchestral rendition of 90s club classics

Technical Support: Stage Manager, Dresser & ​Assistant


Clapham Grand Fundraiser

Volunteered to run a fundraiers to aid in the ​prevention of a well loved and staple part of ​London’s show scene - The Clapham Grand. We ​raised in total over £130K across different teams ​to keep the venue afloat over Covid. We used ​Twitch live stream, AV Equipment and Specialist ​cameras for live streaming. Procured teams to ​head up each prong. Oversaw the entire day whilst ​also hosting the stream.

Team booked: 38 performers with various skills

Technical and Media Team: PERCEPTION LIVE Ltd


Ciroc Party

Corporate Event Brief: Blue and White Theme - ​High Energy and Nightclub Friendly

Team booked: Stilt walkers, Magician, Laser ​Show, Dancers, Hand Balancer, Pixel Shows, LED ​Hula Hoops, LED Performers, Contortionist

Technical Support: Stage Manager, Make up and ​Hair Artist


Richard Burton

Event Co-Owner - Dominium Vita Events

“Last night was another level [we are] creating something special here”

“Thank you again. You made mine and Emma’s day painless. You clubbed in and solve all the issues we occurred with ease.

Can’t thank you enough.“

Connor Scanlan

Owner & Founder - The Foreverland Tour

I have been working closely with Maria for around 6 years now. From the very first day we begun working Maria has always brought a passion and enthusiasm to the table. She will move heaven and earth to get you what you need or solve problems late at night or in the final hour. I highly recommend Maria and her agency for your entertainment needs.

Jimmy Valsan

HR Director - Meshico

Having collaborated with Maria on numerous high-energy ​projects, I have seen firsthand their exceptional creativity, ​strategic vision, and unparalleled passion for nightlife ​entertainment.

Maria has a unique talent for transforming ordinary spaces ​into extraordinary experiences. Whether it's a themed event, ​a grand opening, or a weekly club night, Maria brings a fresh ​perspective and an unmatched level of creativity to every ​project.

In addition to her creative prowess, she is a natural leader. ​What sets Maria apart is her dedication to creating ​experiences that not only entertain but also connect people. I ​wholeheartedly recommend Maria for any role that requires ​visionary thinking, impeccable execution, and a passion for ​creating unforgettable nightlife experiences.

Hannah B.

Private Client

From the initial quote right up to the day Sensation were really easy to work with, friendly and professional. I've never booked this kind of thing before so it was great to have a company which had a lot of understanding of what I was looking for.The performers on the day were amazing! They were professional but also fun and really made the whole day so much more magical. Would recommend for anyone looking for entertainment

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